Hotel Selský Dvůr

Hotel interior
Tolla CZ - Hotel Selský dvůr


Implementation of a complete supply of hotel linen for Selský Dvůr Hotel - Sivek Hotels, with which we have been cooperating for more than 9 years.
  • bed linen – sheets
  • terry assortment
  • curtains – drapes
  • blankets
  • tablecloths

Hotel Selský Dvůr

Hotel Selsky Dvur is one of the top four-star hotels in Prague. The hotel is surrounded by nature and for its unique atmosphere and quality of services has become a popular place for guests.

Our hotel offers everything a demanding guest could wish for.

Quality hotel and restaurant services, modern technology, romantic facilities, excellent gastronomy, relaxation in the wellness facilities, massages, meeting rooms, a congress hall and much more.

Tolla CZ - Hotel Selský dvůr